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Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham

Representing the 1st District of New Mexico

Women's Rights

I have a lifetime of experience and hands-on activism for women’s rights and stands against giving corporations more personal power and freedoms than are given to women. I support the right to choose and am an ardent supporter of women’s reproductive rights. In Congress, I am standing strong against attacks on the right to choose, women’s healthcare and Planned Parenthood.

Despite great progress over the past 100 years, much work remains. It is unacceptable that on average women are still paid 77 cents for every dollar men earn. As a cosponsor of the Paycheck Fairness Act, I know that women cannot afford the continuance of discrimination and lower wages than their male counterparts. As primary caregivers, women must often take time away from their jobs to care for their parents and children and are unjustly penalized with lower wages. Eliminating the wage gap will provide much-needed income to women working to keep a roof over their families heads and food on the table.

That's why I'm a strong supporter of House Democrats' When Women Succeed, America Succeeds: An Economic Agenda for Women and Families, which seeks to provide women and their families with the economic security and opportunities they deserve. It calls for equal pay, a work and family balance including paid sick leave, and access to effective, affordable child care.

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