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Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham

Representing the 1st District of New Mexico



Farming and ranching are integral aspects of New Mexico's economy, history and culture. Although agriculture represents one of our state's largest industries, farmers and ranchers face serious challenges, such as drought, wildfires and lack of services for rural communities. I'm proud to be the first New Mexican member of Congress to serve on the House Agriculture Committee.

Campaign Finance Reform

The current campaign finance system in this country is broken and the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision has harmed the integrity of our democracy.  More and more money is secret and subject to abuse by organizations, donors and the government itself.


As a mother of two and a University of New Mexico graduate, I understand the vital role education plays in creating a strong economy and preparing our children to compete in a global market. I believe that by making investments now in education by enrolling and retaining students in New Mexico universities, colleges and technical schools, our state will continue to thrive and bring in new businesses and industries. From supporting and keeping good teachers to giving parents a greater role in their children’s education, I will continue to advocate for improving our schools.

Energy and Environment

New Mexico prides itself in its pristine land, natural beauty and world-class energy resources. As a twelfth generation New Mexican, my deep-rooted values in our state have taught me to appreciate our natural resources and protect our clean air, water and land.

Health Care

As a caregiver for my mother, I know that improving long-term care is not only a health issue. It's an economic issue, it's a jobs issue, it's a dignity and quality of life issue. With a growing population that’s going to require long-term care, the investments we make now will be even more valuable in the future – through better-quality care, more affordable services, good-paying jobs and advancements in medical research. Solving the looming long-term care crisis is also a way to protect and strengthen the economic security of women and minorities, who often end up becoming caregivers for their families.


As the Whip of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, I have been working hard to achieve comprehensive reform that keeps families together, provides a tough but fair earned pathway to citizenship, enhances border security, grows the economy and is in line with our core American values.

Indian Country

Native American culture and traditions have deep roots in New Mexico. When I served as New Mexico Secretary of Health, I ensured that tribes and pueblos were a priority for state government, directing state and federal resources toward the unique needs of Indian country, while respecting the sovereign Native American nations.

Jobs and the Economy

My top priority is getting our economy moving and putting New Mexicans back to work. I support small businesses and entrepreneurial enterprises which are key components in our economy’s recovery. To that end, I am advocating for a viable economy with corporate citizens that provide good paying jobs and set the path for a prosperous economic future.

Seniors Issues

I've spent my entire career fighting for New Mexico's seniors. As the Director of the New Mexico State Agency on Aging and then as Cabinet Secretary of the Department of Aging and Long-Term Services, I worked to protect seniors from scam artists, helped seniors remain in their homes and addressed poor quality care in nursing homes, even going undercover to investigate reports of patient abuse. I also expanded critical services for seniors and fought for new programs to address end-of-life care issues and provide legal services to seniors throughout New Mexico


As important as it is to support America’s soldiers on the battlefield, we must also support veterans and their families here at home. New Mexico is home to a large number of veterans, and we have a solemn responsibility make sure that we're standing up for those who took a stand for us. No veteran who returns from serving our country should have difficulty accessing the benefits they deserve.

Women's Rights

I have a lifetime of experience and hands-on activism for women’s rights and stands against giving corporations more personal power and freedoms than are given to women. I support the right to choose and am an ardent supporter of women’s reproductive rights. In Congress, I am standing strong against attacks on the right to choose, women’s healthcare and Planned Parenthood.